Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending 2014

This is a story of cosmic porportions. Imagine that earth is just one of countless planets with life. And The know universe was divided by two sons and one daughter. Imagine that our and other worlds develop life so in the end can be harvest to make something that give other people eternal youth. We are just cattle. Now imagine that DNA (which is different from everyone) has a way of duplicate after countless generations - imagine rebirth or reincarnation. Now imagine that one of such duplicate was born on Earth. But this duplicate is no other than the mother of three sons. And if she wants she can reclaim her rightful place. One son is trying to kill her, one is coercing her to marry him so he can receive all her assets and the other is trying to manipulate her.

This movie is quite good for a sci-fi full of action and special effects. Really enjoy the setting and I thought the special effects were quite good. At times, as I saw some of the ships designs it remind me of Warhammer 40K but that's me.

I think the main actress Mila Kunis has a great character and to be truth all of them play them quite nicely. The long life of the brothers had almost a insanity feel which all three portray it quite admirable. Even the action figure and main actor did it.

I think, with all fluff lying around with this movie this could be a blockbuster and one of many films. There were so many avenues to explore. The story of the brothers, the war between the brothers - darn you could make a series about those special wolfman with wings. The scope was enormous but something went wrong and the movie didn't appeal to everyone. out there. The critics didn't enjoy it and people had a mix feeling. In IMDB had 5.4 in more than 100K ratings. The producers were the same of the Matrix btw....

 I really like the movie and it's one I will see in ten years with my child.

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