Movie Review: Pandemic 2016

This cover has nothing to do with the movie. Who the hell is him?
I am making this review as I finish to see the movie. This movie tries to be several things but fail at most of them. Is it a zombie genre? May be but probably isn't it.  Is a apocalpytic genre? Hmm he tries to be but we don't have that much information to tell for sure. Is it a 1st genre with videogame tendencies? Yep it is but at the same time he tries not to over do it. 

So, it seems a virus swept throughout the united states infecting everyone. First they become sick and then a bit of insane roaming the streets killing everyone. As they arrive at level 4 they become inert and then level 5 - which are a new improve version of crazy people aka zombies. IT remind me of David Moody Haters.

The protagonist is Rachel Nicholls a doctor who is trying to find her daughter. First she is seen in a compound where she and three other persons are tasked to find survivors but when everything goes wrong she then turns to her task of finding her daughter and husband. 

What went wrong with this movie? 
Almost everything. 
All movie is like this... Original?

-The plot itself to begin with. So, the coupound is run by the CDC and uses people to get survivors but don't give them food so they have to forage out there? Why? Why the army/militia don't turn on them?

-To fetch other people the CDC put on a bus four people - a doctor, a navigator, a driver and a gunner. WHAT? This sure look like a videogame (again) - Why not a doctor and three gunners? A gunner can't read a map or drive? Ridiculous...  

- The Level 1 to 5 haters/zombies/infected are just wrong. They can talk and communicate but kill other no-infected why? In the film they say that level 5 eat people but what about the previous levels? So why they turn violent and kill other people? Why not kill other infected?
Rachel Nichols - The only reason to watch the movie.
As they are fightning in the house with level 5, those uber-zombies Rachel Nichols kills them with apparently easily where three hours before she was paralyzed with fear but a person might snap out of it. Yep. But the zombies are not even trying to harm her. They could scratch her and trasmit the disease but they are just grunting but never harming no-one....

- The city got roaming level 5 who kill everyone (except other level 5 I presume), other infected people who are not violent, other who are violent and non-infected people. In space of a city block you see a priest taking care of his flock and in other block some infected just put a un-infected girl as a bait. I really didn't understand 

- Oh, the husband of Rachel because he was infected he locks and kills himself but other people -john does - they try to eat people? That's a bit strange plot hole... I understand they have levels but he was bleeding from his ears so I bet he was not level one anymore. 

- In the end they are escaping the level 5 and drop from the roof but have time to "get up" oh no, go go go ... "I am not leaving you..." bla bla for 1m... Those Level 5 are really slow...

- The ending is absurd! Hate it. 2/10 (The one point is Rachel Nichols)

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