Movie Review: Shelter 2015

This a low budget film and is set on a bunker. Supposedly something happened and the three strangers and a couple go hide in a bunker. First they only know that something nuclear happened to the world. A machine tells them that the air is not good and they must wait some time. First is two weeks,  then it's some months and so on. The film itself is not told in a continuus line but becomes to swap some time-lines.

First of all this movie deals with six people in one space and they had to continuosly do something new so they wouldn't be bored to death. One of those interesting things was that each one of them had something particular to them and so it was good to see them as individual and how they cooperate with living with other strangers, cope with the end of the world and so on.  I really thing the characters and characterization was a key to this movie.

It was a fresh air to see one of the guys killing himself because he missed his daughter, the couple breaking up but in a odd way and after some months the girl fuck up the other guy and the other girl a lesbian. After the first half hour I was hooked because I really wanted to know what happened and the ending leave some interesting unaswered questions. 

Afterwards they discover that they had been watched for all time by some organization and there were several dozen rooms just equal to the one they were in. In the end with only the lesbian and the guy that initially work for them they went back to their own "shelter" and stay there and continue to live as nothing had happened. 

This movie is a low budget movie and the actors are not that good but the characterization is quite extraordinay almost eclipsing their bad acting. The story being told in several time-lines worked like a charm and it make me grip the mobile I was watching to know what a heck was happening. The end left several unanswered questions but in a good way. It remind me of some other movie I watch 'Cube'.
Should you watch? Yes. It's a OK movie if you don't give up after 10m. Watch 20m if you are not grip by then then probably you are not going to like where they are going with it. 5.5/10

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