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Dalek Empire II: Dalek War - Chapter One Dalek Empire II: Dalek War
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I will make a combine review because honestly I can't rate this audiodrama without the rest becuase they are one big story...

  1. Dalek War 1
  2. Dalek War 2
  3. Dalek War 3
  4. Dalek War 4

Some spoilers ahead...

The Second series of Dalek Empire the main characters pass from Susan Mendes to Kalendorf. Here this story is focus of the battle betweeen the humankind and the new daleks against the old evil daleks. From the very beginning we get the feeling that the new good daleks are not that evil but at the same their goodness is by total control of everything. I think this 4 audiodramas should be only 2. What's interesting is that finally Alby Brook mets with Susan Mendes. In the end Kalendorff is succefull in breaking the deal with the good daleks making them return to their own universe (since the war will be ever going) and with the un-wanted help of Susan Mendes, now link to every Dalek, send a shockwaves killing every dalek. 

We later understand that one Dalek Survived. IT was very interesting to see how Susan Mendes evolved and had to choose between the love of her life (Alby) and Kalendorf - not in a romatic way. And the meaning of to do the Right Thing.

The ending is quite good...

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