Review: Dalek Empire III

Dalek Empire III: Chapter One - The Exterminators Dalek Empire III
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I will make a combine review because honestly I can't rate this audiodrama without the rest becuase they are one big story...

  1. The Exterminators
  2. The Healers
  3. The Survivors
  4. The Demons
  5. The Warriors
  6. The Future

Some spoilers ahead...

After the war the humanity pass some difficult times called the Great Catastrophe and 20 centuries later ( I think) nobody knew who the Daleks were - which is kind of strange but... Afterwars humanity is plagued by a disease that kills most humans. The Daleks appear, kind of sneaky and convey a deal with one part of human leaders and say that they would help humankind supressing a plague that has ravaged most outer worlds but for that they would need test and unrestricted access. Susan Mendes is now the Emperor of the Daleks (de facto). Siy Tarkov with the help of Selestru & Galanar and later some Graxis Wardens try to warn the Galatic Union that the Daleks are evil. The story ends with the feeling that another series would be made but so far they haven't made the sequel. I think it will never come to be since this was 2004.

Interesting is that Galanar is David Tennant (before portraying the doctor).

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