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Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless - Part 1 Dalek Empire IV
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I will make a combine review because honestly I can't rate this audiodrama without the rest becuase they are one big story...

  1. The Fearless I
  2. The Fearless II
  3. The Fearless III
  4. The Fearless IV

Some spoilers ahead...

Why the rating for this audiodrama?

This audiodrama follows not the last story (Dalek Empire III) but It is between Dalek Empire I (last episodes).

A planet is being forced to recruit man to fight the Daleks but they don't want it until the Daleks arrive and say they are all going to enslaved. So either the are enslaved by Daleks or enslave by other humans to fight the Daleks. A tough choice. But one man, Kade, convices the planet to help the rest of humans. General Landen begins to take a close interest on them and creates a special task force of fearless men to take suicide missions.

After an planet attack by the Daleks Kade wife wnd the rest of their planet population are killed. From this moment on Kade becomes a deranged person plagued by visions of his wife and daughter. After several sucecceful missions he begins to wonder everything and everyone, even General Landen who most of all he respects.

The last mission of Kade men is to kill Susan Mendes. The human empire thinks that because of her, slaves are working better and better making the Daleks superior. So, they must kill Susan Mendes ending the truce between the Daleks & their slaves.

Susan Mendes escape and Kade returns alone. After another depressing fit mix with rage he is given the rank of captain and his last mission is to stop a meteor shower to strike earth. That meteor shower is being controlled by the Daleks. At last minute Kade kidnaps Landen and makes her go in the mission as well. He is under the impression that she is responsabile of the attack that killed his wife and people and why does she sents him in suicide missions.

Kade and Lande talk to the Dalek Emperor that confines in them that he already know that Susan Mendes will betray the Daleks.

After completing the last mission he confronts Landen that says that had to be done. He was too valuable to be with his wife. His despair was used to attack others. After that he leaves the army which Landen accepts. He is last seen on his homeworld travelling never finding peace. The audiodrama ends with Susan Mendes speach "Death to the Daleks".

The first and last audiodrama are good. The second and third a little boring and they feel akward. The should be join to make only one. Too much fillers...

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