Review: Doctor Who: The Dark Planet

Doctor Who: The Dark Planet Doctor Who: The Dark Planet by Brian Hayles
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Initially I didn't gave stars for this story because I was undecided... This story is on the first doctor, and if you know me, that's my favourite doctor. This story is set on a planet that has two great powers. Light and Dark. Light beings focus on light and Dark beings focusing on darkness. Which one is the good ones?

As anyone who is consideral a "normal" person, one associates light with good and dark with bad. Well I am a black metal kind of person and I don't believe in "God" or "Satan" and that kind of things - so to me there is more than that. There is good, bad and neutral. And good things can be bad at times and vice-versa. Sometimes the good guys most do a not so good thing to save the day. Or sometimes the only way to fight evil is with evil and so on. But on top of that Evil and Good are point of views. I agree with X doesn't mean that you too.

This story was to be an episode of Doctor Who and we are talking early 60th's... but I am getting of myself. The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara arrive on a planet where the sun is dying. They also see some evidence of war. After being supposedly attacked they are saved Susan & Barbara are saved by light beings. Imagine them as angels if you will. But the Light beings have a purpose to rekindle the sun and vanquish the darkness. The Doctor and the rest of the companions excluding Susan meet the Shadow beings and they understand their point of view. The Doctor goes at great lenght to ensure that both sides should meet and make peace.

The Doctor says something that basically is the moral of this story. History is made by the winners and it's their point of view. There are always two sides on a coin and we have to think about our actions. Good for me may not be good for you. Good and bad are point of views.

This story was ahead of their time. Way ahead. Nevertheless a good tale. Really would love to see in play. Unfortunally as all previous doctor who it's slow as heck. Unless you are a hard fan of Doctor Who don't bothered. You won't enjoy it.

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