Review: Doctor Who: Farewell Great Macedon

Doctor Who: Farewell Great Macedon Doctor Who: Farewell Great Macedon by Moris Farhi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good book / Audiobook. I really enjoy this story of how Alexander the Great fell. It was interesting to see some how the author did it. Besides the Doctor and his companions. We get to see Alexander and his 3 companions (and next in line to the throne). It was interesting to see the plot to assassinate them all.

One of the highlights was Barbara thoughts about changing history and most of the episode she had mix feelings about saving Alexander and at the same time, history should not be changed. In the end she says to Susan that story could not be changed and even if they do something "fate" or something like that would make that happen in other way.

What I did not enjoy?
Well, for one part is the liberty that was given to the maker of teleplay (book) and it changed dates (like the time of death of some protagonists). Other was the anachronisms that were in the play itself and most of all it was the Alexander the Great personality. Here is a champion of freedom and equality but for what I've read in history he was a Tyrant. I think he believed that all cultures had some interest and I also think he was one of the first to have a idea of a united world BUT under his belt, not free democratic system.

Can I advise you to read this story?
Unless you are a hard fan of Dr Who and saw every episode from th 60 until now, then I would advise you because this was supposedly to be a teleplay but they didn't film it. It's in the same vein of Marco Polo, Astects and The Crusades. It's slow paced and our protagonists have little part...

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