Review: Doctor Who: The Masters of Luxor

Doctor Who: The Masters of Luxor Doctor Who: The Masters of Luxor by Anthony Coburn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Indeed this is a not to so good story of doctor who as other reviewers said. It's pretty straightforward story. The Tardis which was going to Ian & Barbara's time got stuck on a devoid planet. It became stuck of some sorts. Ian & Susan went to a strange building and found out some machines. After some investigation they learn that the power of the Tardis is being sucked into the building making the machines alive.

In the tower they find out several machines (all with their orders) and one machine that look more like an android... the Perfect One.

The Perfect one is trying to suck their life so he can became alive as his creator wanted. Ian and The Doctor escape and found out a man who had created the first machines but said that the Perfect One was not his creation but the creation of the machines.

Afterwards the Perfect One commited somekind of suicide because he could not conceive the idea not being created by his creator but by other machines (it's a bit strange)...

This tale is read by William Russell (who portrayed Ian in the series) and Carole Ann Ford (who portrayed Susan).

This story is nothing spectacular or good. It has some interesting points that thinking about it in 1960's were new. The Robots making other Robots. The Robots trying to have IA, The robots trying to make other robots. Fun questions...

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