Review: Doctor Who: Prison in Space

Doctor Who: Prison in Space Doctor Who: Prison in Space by Dick Sharples
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a small novella about a world where women are dominant and man are imprisioned. Jamie & the Doctor (The second version :) ) are inprisionened and only Zoe can help them. Will she ally to other woman or her friends.

This story was read by Jamie & Zoe real actors. It felt I was hearing an episode... even the Doctor voice was very similar. As the tv series this episode doesn't have that much action and it's quite slow... Only read if you enjoy watching Jamie, the doctor and Zoe - or else you are going to find it boring. Even I that enjoy Jamie found it boring... but we will never know how would it turn out as a episode...

Should I advice you?
Again, as previous audiobooks, only to the most hard fan. To the rest you will be bored...

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