Boardgame: A Touch of Evil - A Story and Playthrough - The Gargoyle - Chapter One

This is the beginning of a playthrough. Everything I Wrote here really happened in the game but bear in mind that I playing a Cooperative play. Of course the tale has some... artistic freedom.

Diary of Captain Hawkins

It's the year of our Lord Saviour 1818 and I am headed to Shadowbrook. Why is she going there? That place is a small village with no more than 100 living souls... I am in search of her since August and it's now November and the cold weather are hurting my bones. Katarina you will be punished!

"Hey, be careful with ye reckless driving" - said Captain  Hawkins "You are making me nauseous"

"Sorry Herr Captain" - retorted  Heinrich Cartwright with a smirk "This roads are dangerous in more than one way"

"Indeed, if Katarina don't sneak on me and kill me on my sleep your driving is..." laughed the Captain

"Strange man this is" thought Heinrich

I have fought in the war and when I thought I was going to have a nice life the General send me after her. There were more young man to captured. Why me? Well let us see... Shadowbrook? What do I know of it?

I know that most village is owned by Lord and Lady Handbrook and there are whispers that they serve someone bigger than them...Magister Kroft runs the city and Doctor Manning, my old army friend is also there. At least that...

We arrived at the town hall. Quickly Heinrich went to the Crossroads. He said that we will help me search for the Outlaw and he knows some people who might be of helpful to the Cause...

I met Magister Kroft and Reverent Harding they were both eager to help me search the woman but they say that something evil is afoot... Strange statues appear on form of people who dissapeared... I scorn to that idea but said nothing....

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