Boardgame: A Touch of Evil - A Story and Playthrough - The Gargoyle - Chapter Four

Diary of Captain Hawkins (Day four in them morning)

Sophie the Midwife
I am getting very worried about this town... Lady Hanbrooke is not dead after all (rolled 12 in the cooperative chart) but soon afterwards Sophie the Midwife, the whisperer of secrets died (Those damn mystery cards). Who killed her? I doubt it was Katarina because at the same time she was in Church. I was never this in doubt before... Katarina is not evil? I don't know what do believe of it. I must find her. 

Diary of Captain Hawkins (Day four in the afternoon)
First she purchase bullets and then a Gun? Why? Strangely enough she was attacked by the Crimson Hand but managed to kill the adversary. Why is the Crimson Hand trying to kill both Heinrich and Katarina? Mayhaps I am not being told everything... I must confront her.

Diary of Captain Hawkins (Day four in the evening)
I finally encountered her in the Blacksmith. I confronted her with some militia... I will try to transcribe what happened before us...

"We finally meet Katarina the Outlaw" - I said with some pride I must say...
"Finally? As you been following me I was everytime one step ahead of you" - Katarina said haughtily  "You are very tiresome dog of war Captain Hawkins. How do you feel being my father's dog?"

I raised my axe ready to strike, and to give her some credit and admiration she didn't back down.
"I do this because your father is my superior officer and because of the... secretive mission." - I said with shame in my voice... 
"Secretive mission? Is that what I am to him? Because I want to be a free woman? I am just a shame to him... But at least I think for myself" She retorted.

Arrogant little brat...

"Why did you kill all those villagers and Sophie?" - I asked

"I thought better of you Hawkins. You are dumb and now blind? How can I turn people to stone? I have been following leads and investigate, something apparently you are not, to find what is happening here. It seems some beasts are roaming the land. Even you killed them twice. So, are you dumb or are blind? Or both?"

For a moment I hated her, embarrassing me in front of these militia. I turn my back to her to think it over. Yes, there are been some killings, she was every time there albeit before or after. My good friend the Doctor start to killed people. Lady Hanbrook disappearance just to appear and Sophie statue... And those Grotesques... Yes, she is not the killer I grant her that. Maybe she is trying to help me...

"Okay Katarina. Let us say I believe you. What can we do?"
"Well we should investigate and discover the lair of that beast. It's not something alive like me and you.. It's something else. And don't trust those villagers... Some of them are evil..." whispered Katarina.
"Yes I am aware of it. But we need the help of some of them. I believe in the Magister and Lord Hanbrook. But not the Reverend... Let us wait to decide which ones we shall ask for help."

"Very Well, let us go our separate ways and meet in the end." - said Katarina
"Be careful Katarina..."
"You too Captain..."

My feelings towards her are there. I don't know about her... I loved her since before the war but after I was gone she became elusive and cunning... I don't know what happened to her...

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