Boardgame: A Touch of Evil - A Story and Playthrough - The Gargoyle - Chapter Three

Katarina the Outlaw
Diary of Captain Hawkins (Third Day) 

I've heard of Heinrich. He survived the Crimson Hand but with some new scars. I protect myself with an light axe I found out in the Olde Woods and learn that Magistrate Kroft destroyed several guns throughout town. What is he thinking? 

I also heard that Katarina bought some Silver Bullets ( On a roll of 6 it deals 2 wounds - with her 4,5,6 to Hit is very good) and protected someone in the Blacksmith killing another of those things.. A grotesque.  I am very intrigued on this reports... Why is she helping people?

Not only Magistrate Kroft destroyed several guns, I've heard Reverent Harding speechs a bit intense... Sophie the midwife tells me that Harding is in league with the Crimson Hand... (Anyone on town must role a die and on a 1 or 2 are attacked by Crimson Hand).

Diary of Captain Hawkins (Third Night) 
I have try to understand everything that is happening and I have to fight cunning with cunning (+1 Cunning).

Heinrich is in the Monastary still trying to uncover wants happening on Echo Lake. He says that Katarina is not the evil but I don't believe him...

Katarina was in the Church.  Why? I am going to find her... I curse her father to make me through all of this. If she was not the General's daughter I wouldn't  be here in this forsaken place... Damn them all to hell...

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