Boardgame: A Touch of Evil - A Story and Playthrough - The Gargoyle - Chapter Five (final)

Diary of Captain Hawkins (Day five)

I learn that Heinrich is the Inn and discovered the lair of the beast. Since last night a perpetual fog is over Shadowbrook. Everyone is scared. I can feel it.. I can taste it.

In the village I saw Katarina give some speech to the militia and villagers. I must say it held the darkness... We killed another Grotesque.. They are in the borderlands of the village...

But later in the afternoon Darkness fell on this land (Darkness Falls - 5 Wounds to give the heroes). We later learn that we were poisoned by Lady Hanbrook, someone saw her put something in our glasses, and she is evil. I cannot believe her. Maybe she was the one who kill Sophie. We follow her rapidly and we later learn that the Evil One is the monastery.

We bought some weapons and Heinrich in front of us entered the damnable place. This place is fully of statues. Some of them are truly ugly. One of them more than the rest... It is a Gargoyle. We all look at it but... IT'S ALIVE!

This is the beast and we must fight it.
Lord Hanbrook travelled with us. He is being most elusive since we learn of Lady Hanbrook betrayal. Reverant Harding came with us. I didn't enjoy it but he is a priest and supposedly a man of God. The Magistrate stay behind to rally the militia in case of need...

- Gargoyle 26 wounds and 6 attack dice (two from the Doctor & Lady)
- Captain Hawkins with 3 wounds , 4 combat dice and a Relic that prevent wounds one time...
- Katarina with 4 wounds, 4 attack dice with 4,5,6 hits and 6 count as two. With 3 investigation I can add 4 cunning dice.
- Heinrich with 4 wounds and 4 attacks (he bought a flail...)

We have also Reverend Harding + 3 dice and Lord Hanbrook with 1 fight dice.

I also have some event cards to help prevent wounds and one of it that deals damage to another person instead. 

Diary of Captain Hawkins (Last Entry)

I stroke first at the beast (3 wounds) but barely escape it. Then I saw something amazing happening... Katarina fought bravely (11 dice - 4 attack plus 3 cunning plus 3 Harding plus 1 Handbrook) and stroke the beast viciously (6 wounds) and I must say I saw something awful... Lord Hanbrook killed his wife. As he stay there with the blood in his hand she got a last grasp striking him painfully in the ribs. I don't believe is is escaping this fight... At the same time the Reverend killed the Doctor. As he grab the Doctor he said something but I only heard the word "Crimson"... What does that mean? 

Heinrich bravely step behind the beast and hit it his flail but the beast stroke him with his wings cutting him (3 wounds to the beast and 2 to Heinrich) 

Then I hit him and he it me back with such strength that I am trying hardly to get up... (2 wounds to the beast and 3 to Captain) 

Seeing me down Katarina, the Reverend and Hanbrook stroke back. The beast was unstopable and stroke down the Reverend and Lord Hanbrook. It seems I was mistaken by Reverend. Or maybe we were two sides of the coin with the same enemy... (only one wound to the beast)

Next strike Heinrich attacked striking deep but to my dismay he died, turning to stone... The beast stroke down the Stone Statue to a thousand pieces... (3 Wounds on the Beast and 2 on Heinrich)

Yet again I found out strength and stroke the beast dealing damage to him (2 wounds). He stroke back but I didn't get hurt but lost my axe.

Katarina moved forward striking a hit but as the beast is striking I protect her. I have no more life... I cannot be saved from these wounds...

I hear Katarina scream and with tears in her eyes, with gashes in all her body she stroke with her dagger but the beast in her dying breath hit her breast drawing blood in her lungs. She gaspes and fell to her knees...

As my eyes are becoming blurring I see the Gargoyle falling down...  I see Katarina on her knees with a weak smile on her face... I watch the field around us... Heinrich smashed to bits, Lady Hanbrook killed by her Husband only to be killed by the Gargoyle. Reverend killed the Doctor but died some seconds later.

I have no strenght but managed to say in a barely inaudible whisper... "I always loved you..." 
Katarina says "I know... Me too" and I hear falling down and drawn her last breath with me....

Both the Gargoyle and Katarina had two life left...She dealt 3 wounds (two because of the 6 plus another strike) and Gargyole dealt two wounds. With not save... They both died...

That's a first no?

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