Movie Review: The Invitation 2015

I watch this movie in two takes. The first at 03:00 AM after having a coughing attack with my asthma and the other at 03:00 PM while eating. Oh, I also watch it on the train at 08:00 AM.

So what did I thought of this movie? 

Well, it's not easy to classify this movie. The movie can be cut in two parts. The First part from the first minute to one hour and twenty minutes where the tension is rising and you clinging to a chair "oh, what's happening.. is it now? what about now?" I felt those annoying kids that ask their parents every five minutres "What 'bout now?" and the last twenty minutes. They are both quite nice..

Spoilers Ahead.... You've been warmed
It all starts when Will & Kira attent a dinner party at his former house now being used by his ex-wife (Eden) and new husband (David). Several friends are also attending. It seems from the beginning that something tragic happened and now Will is trying to deal with that situation. 

Several other mutual friends appear Gina and her "allways-late" boyfriend Choi, Ben,  Tommy, Miguel (gay couple) and two friends of Eden and David.

Right from the start the couple say that they met in some sort of place in Mexico and a doctor saved them from all the pain and sadness. They watch a movie where a woman dies after battling with Cancer and is now at peace with it's friends. Most of them become apprehensive but Will is the first to tell them that they belong to a cult. Pruit then tells them that he murder his wife and went to prison and yet again it was Dr. Josephs that saved him. Claire (hope I didn't mess the name) leaves the house and Pruitt follows her telling that he blocked his car. Will is suspicious but when Pruitt returns and says that he apologied to Claire because he thought his story scared her.
We never know what happened to Claire.

Will sees Eden is taking pills, and David locking doors he becomes even more suspicious... He then goes outside and hears a message of Choi telling that he arrived early (for the first time in his life) and was entering her house. 

Will goes berserk and confronts Eden and David about whereabouts of Choi, the pills she is taking, why the lock doors all the time and bar windows and who are those two guests and he also confronts Eden that how can she be all happy and free when he is ravaged by pain and guilt because the dead of their little boy, when Choi appears telling that he was entering the house but he had a work call.

Afterwars, he appoligies to everyone and asks if he could see the room of their son. There he sees another video of Dr Josephs telling that he is proud that they are all joining and other cult crap... 

When arrives at the table they are pouring wine in a glass to everyone (Wine is present in all movie and very important) Will goes yet again berserk when he sees Eden kissing David and smashes the glass from most people. Claire jumps to Will telling that he ruined a beautiful thing but he cast her side hurting her. In this commotion Gina dies and everyone knows that is poison. But David with a gun kills  Miguel and Pruitt kills Choi. The rest escape but the house is closed. Ben is then killed by David and Pruitt and Claire dies, possibly  by the smack in the head that Will had done her. Pruitt is then killed by Kira with a blow in the head and e Eden appears and shots Will (in the arm) but she in a sense of guilt hot herself in the stomach (after the initial gunfire she confronts David that isn't the way but David tells her not to worry because by poison or gun is the samething...) David is later killed by Tommy. They leave the house and Will sees the Paper Lantern he had seen David put on a tree. They start hearing sirens and helicopters but become scared when throughout the valley where they live a dozen Lanterns are seen shinning....

End of Spoilers

Well, this is it.. This is the movie. As I said the first hour and half is quite dramatic and you are trying to figure it out what happened that scarred Will and the last twenty minutes is a rollercoaster... The ending is scary leaving us wonder what is happening..

What I didn't enjoy? Well, as all horror movies are some things that upset me... All friends are in a reunion that looks like a cult conversion group. Bar Windows and Barred Door and other strange aura they give... and noone sides with Will? I understand that most of them feel that Will is suffering from a mental breakdown because is forcing himself to be in the house with Eden where their son died...

I Think this movie could be even better but the last twenty minutes where not that good.  Nevertheless I enjoy the movie and advice everyone to see it... 
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