Review: The Death Cure (Third on Maze Runner Trilogy)

The Death Cure by James Dashner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Reading Time 27 to 31 January 2015

Finally I am done with this series. I did not enjoy the second book and neither did I enjoy the third but in my humble opinion is better than the second.

If I was a new reader I would read the first and stopped there. It would be full of holes but it would be way better than the way Herr Dashner handle the second (which was as pointless as a lifeguard in a pool of Olympic swimmers).

Some spoilers Ahead
After leaving the Scorch Trials the boys and girls are saved by WICKED and they are given a choice to have their memories return. Minho, Newt and Thomas are against it. The first two because they don't trust WICKED but Thomas was just scare of what he would find about him. So, with the help of Brenda and Jorge they escape to Denver where they find that there are people trying to overthrow Wicked. Btw, Newt has the flare and he is capture by some people that take him to some flare haven.

They try and succeeded to save Newt but this guy doesn't want to be saved because he feels his mind failing away. He had previously asked Thomas to kill him if the Flare destroyed his humanity.

As they return to Denver they are capture by the same group that is trying to destroy WICKED. Btw, didn't I say Alby is back? Yeah, he is... and he is not that bad after all.
Well, then Denver is destroyed by the Cranks roaming about and Newt is there. Thomas kills Newt and hides it from Minho and the rest of the gang. Afterwards Thomas infiltrates WICKED facilities where ratman (the one leading WICKED) says that the third and final stage is set. It's simple - they are going to do a brain surgery on Thomas brain, of course he would die, but a cure would be found. Of course Thomas likes his head and declines the plan but this is WICKED and they say nah nah.

Oh, BTW, Wicked had already being busy kidnapping a bunch of immune to restart the trials.

The Right Arm (the guys that hate WICKED) arrive and begin to destroy WICKED failing to see revelant that 500 immune were there to begin with. Thomas and his gang (all of them, even Teresa) try to save them from the maze and escape the blasts. Teresa saves Thomas from some falling ceiling dying in the process (which help the love triangle). With 200 immune they escape to a isolate place starting civilization anew. The Epilogue - we are told that WICKED had two plans: The first was trying to have a cure by putting a bunch of immune and cranks together in a maze or trials and the second was that even if society should die herself out, the immune would survive and repopulate the world.

- Well, there are some problems here.

We know that the plague was released after the Solar flares to control population by some government. OKAY - I get that but why release a virus who had no cure? It's ridiculous.

Why Thomas has a need to know more but refuses to have his memories back? Everyone says he is one of the culprit behind the maze. How? Ignorance is bliss it seems...

Teresa a character that easily could have been a main character in the third book has few that twenty lines and then dies. She is completely in love with Thomas and he to her. In the second book she "betrays" him because she loves him so much and don't want him to be dead. In the second and third book he doesn't understood that and falls in love with Brenda - What a douche/idiot.

Newt had the flare but had no indications the years he was in the maze. He escapes WICKED after learning that he had the flare and a couple of days afterwards he is a full growth Crank. Absurd the timetable.

Ratman is another good example of this.

Why everyone forgets that THOMAS was the one who created the Maze and put all his current friends there (with the exception of Teresa)!!!!

There are so many things that went wrong and could have been so great.

I have some better endings....
Thomas returns to WICKED where he sacrifices to save humankind - since he was a mass-murderer anyway - Yeah - He created the Maze and the trials!!!
- If a mass-murdered has amnesia - He is guilty or not guilty??
If you liked the ending of this novel - you just saved a Hitler.
The Right Arm who starts exploding the maze, where 500 people are trapped - are not the good guys. They are anarchic nihilist bunch who hates the government(WICKED). So, Thomas, helps WICKED!
The governments of the world - start seeing the problems with the cranks and start shooting people with the flare - that way the control the disease. WICKED with the HELP of immunes start investigating in a cure - you can map a guy brain without killing them.
My Favorite.
The Right Arm was working with WICKED and send Thomas on purpose back because the escape was another trial and Brenda was leading Thomas throughout those trials, yet again. They make Thomas kill his best friend and hate his love life.

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