Review: Doctor Who: The Cold Equations (Second in the Trilogy Oliver Harper)

Doctor Who: The Cold Equations by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Cold Equations is the second of the trilogy and to my opinion the weakest of the lot. Again it features Oliver and I must say if he was a TV series would be awesome (because of his secret, I mean). But Simon Guerrier really knows it's stuff and to include that character with the first doctor is very interesting.

Again spoilers ahead...

This tale focus more on the relantionship bonding of Oliver and Steven and we later learn what is Oliver secret. As previous audiobooks by Simon Guerrier they are in slow motion like the original series which to me made sense and not out of order. The new doctors are more action centered and the first and second doctor are not.

So Tardis arrives in a satellite orbiting the ruined Earth and the trio of friends get separated. There are some notions, interesting ones of science and mathematics. Here, for the first time we see Steven's Taylor piloting skills at work. I don't think we ever saw it on TV. As they are stranded in space waiting to die Oliver reveals that he was escaping the police in the 60's because he was gay. Steven then says.. "That's it??" It seems in Steven's time gay are normal and not at all persecuted or descriminated. Yet again in this tale is quite a critique...Well, why shouldn't an advanced elite explored the weakest one? It's their divine rule isn't it?

Later on they meet the Doctor and on they went to third story...

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