Review: Doctor Who: The Drowned World (Second of Trilogy of The House)

Doctor Who: The Drowned World by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

his is the second story depicting the House aka Sara Kingdom. The first one is Home Truths and the third is The Guardian of the Solar System

Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom is dead, her ashes strewn on the planet Kembel. But, in an old house in Ely, Sara Kingdom lives on…

To the Elders of this ruined world, Sara is a ghost, a phantom that must be banished. She must prove her right to exist, and she does so with stories. She tells him stories about the time she travelled with the Doctor and Steven. And one story in particular could make a difference. The one about their trip to a world covered in water, where a human expedition is being wiped out.

Before talking about this story I must say this has one of the most beautiful melodies throughout the tale. This story is sad. Heartbreaking. Is impossible to not feel sorry for the House or Sara if you will. The music behinds makes it even more depressing. And for that five stars. The story is good but not that special but the music, actors and the way the story is told engulfs us in a beautiful journey...

In the first part of the tale she tells him that the Tardis arrived on a world(meteor) that was covered in water and the miners there are slowly being killed. They have one day of air because their machines stop working. Sara tells Robert what happened. That she sacrificed to save everyone. Robert then returns to the elders with a recording of her but nothing was recorded. Robert understands that is the way of the House aka Sara to make the elders go to the house. There she can know what people are dreaming or wishing and she concedes wishes. Robert arrived at the house and banishes Sara.

The second part of story Robert arrives at the house with his daughter, now 11 years old. A daughter that Robert wished and his wife, who could not have a child before, had. But now the child is sick of the disease that is plaguing the world, now in chaos because the elders have died because of it.

There he starts telling the story of Sara on that water world. He tells her that she didn't died afterall. She was ready to sacrifice for the children but the water (a sentient being) didn't kill her. Sara (the house) returns and asks Robet what he wants and he says that he was correct in banish her but he needs her to save his daughter. Sara says that she is all alone, every day, nobody returns, not even the Doctor. The story ends as she asks him to stay with her until he dies...

Some facts: The Drowned World is also a name of a famous science fiction novel by J.G. Ballard.

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