Review: Doctor Who: The First Wave (Third in the Trilogy Oliver Harper)

Doctor Who: The First Wave by Simon Guerrier
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The First Wave is the last story of Oliver trilogy. It's interesting that this one deals with a different thematic. They arrive in a world (Grace Alone) where everyone is dead.

Again spoilers ahead...

Undoubtly the focus on this last story is Steven. Steven continues to say they are on burrowed time and that every companion of the Doctor has died (this begins in the second episode) and one day it will be his time... He dwelts on the impact that those loses have on the Doctor.

After the first confrontation with the Vardans the Doctor dies and Steven and Oliver escape. Later on they tried to warn the Earth that the Vardans, a pure energy species, is going to conquer Earth it but after seeing the Tardis they don't want to go to earth no more because with it they could conquer time & space. Later on the Doctor appears and destroys most energy beings but one of them escapes...

I must say that this episode deals a lot with paradoxes and time traveling. One interesting feature is that in every episode the Doctor and the companions save someone or thwart the plans of some evil doer and how is not this interfering with History or that is the thing that should happened but if so why not in this episode? The Doctor keeps saying " ‘We can’t change history! We can’t! We pull at one thread and the whole carpet of history will come apart at our fingers!’" and Steven suicidal tendencies allied with it are faboulous and only Oliver can help them. And so Oliver sacrificies himself and now haunts the Tardis...

Interesting finalle. Worth of watching all of the trilogy if you enjoy the First Doctor. If not, don't watch it.

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