Review: Doctor Who: The Guardian of the Solar System (Third of Trilogy of The House)

Doctor Who: The Guardian of the Solar System by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great story. This trilogy is undoubtly one of the very best I've heard so far. I have yet to hear a lot but this one is full of sadness, nostaligic moments that make you cringe and wanna cry a little for Sara Kingdom... well for a house.

This tale begins eleven years after the last one. Sara saved the little girl and Robert as promised stay at the house. But at 21 the daughter of Robert wanted to leave and Robert stay alone with the house, never getting old, never waning... But one day he said to Sara that he wanted to leave and she asks him if he could hear a last tale and he said he would.

She tells him of a tale about a time when traveling with the Doctor they went back in time (one year to be precise) and met his older brother, the one she killed and the man who ordered it. This tale deals with time travelling consequences and the old question if you go back in time could you kill your grandfather? What would happened. In this tale Sara Kingdom realizes that all that his happened was because of her. It seems there was a clock worked by prisoners that made travelling between galaxies possible and only with it the human empire could exist, the man who would betray to the Daleks didn't want the human empire to depend on anyone. But Sara, Doctor and Steven didn't like the idea of the clock enslaving people so Sara (mostly Sara, because the Doctor and Steven were caught on the clock) destroyed it - catalysing Mavic Chen making a pact with the Daleks.

Inbetween this story we have the story of Sara Kingdom (House) and Robert. In the midst Robert who wanted to leave the house transfered his body to the House making Sara Kingdom live again and she left the house but after 2 days with no means to leave the island she returns. As Sara unfolds the story, I've told previsouly she cames to realization that what she wants was absolution or peace and then the House (now Robert) makes the Doctor appear on the Tardis and asks Sara... So are you ready to face him? Leaving an open ending on this tale...

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