Review: Doctor Who: Home Truths (First of Trilogy of The House)

Doctor Who: Home Truths Doctor Who: Home Truths by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This tale deals with a story told by a old woman in a house on an island. It's a story not that interesting until the end. A couple had been killed in the house that Sara, Steven and Doctor arrive. They are trying to find out who did it. Basically the house grant wishes and has no sense of what is wishing. So the wife had a thought of her husband killed and afterwards desire to kill herself and the houses made both wishes come true.
Sara Kingdom to make the house conscient made a copy to it. We later learn that the old woman is Sara or aka the House.

There are some information that links to another two tales. The first "The Drowned World" and the last of the trilogy "The Guardian of the Solar System". We also get some glimpses of how the world changed. I think of the three it's the weakest one...

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