Review: Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth (Destiny of the Doctor 1)

Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth by Nigel Robinson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This first audiobook focus on the first doctor but mostly on Susan Foreman. Basically this plot is set before the first season of Dr Who. They were staying in London in 1963 where the Beatles have started to appear on the radio. Some youths have cause riots on the streets and Susan has being target as an alien. After a while we discover that the "Alien" they refer is Alien as a foreigner as people of other nationalities have been targeted as well.

This story as I said focus on Susan as she tries to integrate with the local population and try to belong somewhere. The Doctor is trying to fix the Tardis.

Well, a background to why I am hearing Dr Who. I have always enjoy the Dr Who but at the same time I never watch an episode from the new series. I started watching the series form the First Doctor trying to get catch up. After The fifth season for some reason I stoped. I must restart because I really enjoy the stories. Not all of them but some. But there are differences between the Doctors. I enjoy the first Doctor and to some degree the Second. But the third not so much. At the same time the companions are very important indeed and even if the story is good if the actors are not then nobody will like it. Well let us see what I can arrange...

Interesting this tale was read by the same actor that portrayed Susan Foreman. Nice Touch indeed.

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