Review: Doctor Who: The Perpetual Bond (First in the Trilogy Oliver Harper)

Doctor Who: The Perpetual Bond by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I will make my review after hearing the next two audiobooks that close this trilogy (Perpetual Bond; The cold Equation & The First Wave).

Perpetual Bond & The Cold Equations & The First Wave are a trilogy of audiobooks featuring the Doctor, Steven right after The Dalek's Master Plan. This trilogy features a new companion called Oliver Harper.

Some spoilers ahead...

So, we are in 60's again and Steven and Doctor meet a young businessman who is running away from something. It seems he works on a trade/stock market but they are not dealing oranges or metals, they are dealing a different type of cattle... human type. It seems there are aliens inbetween us and after the WW2 they agreed with world powers that they would lend some financial wealth and the countries would give us some human stock. I really enjoy this story, mainly because Hartnell's character was brillantly played. Steven as little impact overall and Oliver as I said is hidding something.

Suffice to say that this is a critique on World Economics and World Leaders(aka the rulling class) that treats everyone as mere numbers... Well we treat ourselves as numbers.

Later on the Doctor invites Oliver to come along...

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