Review: Doctor Who: Quinnis

Doctor Who: Quinnis Doctor Who: Quinnis by Marc Platt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Weak story about Susan and the first Doctor.

A Little story about Susan and the Daughter before meeting with Ian & Barbara. This tale is told by Susan. They were travelling through the fourth dimension (it seems there are more but this was as far as he went - and it's hinted that we, our earth is set on the Third Dimension).

They arrive in a village that is having a drought for over two years and just explled the last rainmaker. When they heard that the doctor is a scientist they think he is rainmaker and so they "kidnap" him so he could make it rain. They also meet some strange homeless girl called Meedla.

There is also a superstision that a bad luck bird The Shrazer is in outskirts of the town.. an ill-omen. So the town focus on the catching the bird and making the doctor, well - rain.

But when Susan returns to the Tardis he saw that Meedla was catch in the nets and releases her but soon afterwards she seens the Tardis swept away in a flood with meedla in it.

Oh, didn't I told you? Tardis is a Kiosk and not a police box.

As Susan gets to the city she is taken by a woman (piglet woman because she own a pig) and susan as a dream of the ill-omen bird. Soon aftewards the husband of piglet's owner is killed by the bird and at stole the key to the Tardis. The town now infuriated call a huntsman to kill the Shrazer. The Huntsman tells the Doctor and Susan that they are not ill-omen but they can sense impeding danger and disaster (like carrion birds).

The Doctor travel to get the Tardis but becomes trap. Susan makes a deal with Shrazer, now with the full knowing that she was Meedla, and says if she saves the Doctor they will take her with them.

However before Meedla saves him the hunstsman saves the Doctor and kill the Meedla. Susan he is very sad and the Doctor tells Susan that she needs friends of her own age.

They then travel to London (where they meet Ian & Barbara) in the first episode of the TV Series.

What I Didn't enjoy or why the 2 star rating? Well, this story is very slow and could easily be done in 30 minutes. The Doctor is not very active (but it's a companion story) so... I think the story could have dwelt more on the relantionship of Susan and the Doctor...

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