Review: Doctor Who: Shadow of Death (Destiny of the Doctor 2)

Doctor Who: Shadow of Death by Simon Guerrier
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Well this second tale focus on the Second Doctor (and a brief appearance of the Eleventh Doctor) and the main companions were Jamie (one of my favourites) and Zoe.

I remember watching the episodes of the Second
Doctor and one thing I would love to see more often would be the differences of the upbringing of Jamie (from the XVIII century) and Zoe (XXI).

There was some instances where Jamie was clueless and it was funny. But I think at that time they didn't take more advantage of it.

As they are traveling with the Tardis they came abrutly to a planet orbiting a stange star. It has a gravitaional force that warp time. They discover an human outpost where scienties were studing an deserted ancient city. Imediately they are almost besieged by something dark.

One of the scientists upon entering this dark light of some sort immediately is turn old and bones crumbling in dust.

As they took refuge on the Outpost the Doctor who was trying to help everyone else escape receives a strange note from the future self (Eleventh Doctor) saying that the study they are doing it's very important.

Soon after, the Doctor understands that this dark things are the once inhabitants of the City that traveled through the space but being stranded on this planet made them turn from physical body to a energy one.

Afterwards the Doctor appears with his friends and what was just minutes to them to the Doctor was years.

They leave the scientists to their work, now knowing that these beings are willing to talk to them but it takes a long time for their message arrive to them since they are in different timespace.

The Doctor and the Companions leave the place.

This story unlike the previous one, focus more on the Second Doctor. I Thought being read by the actor that portrayed Jamie that it would be focus on him but alas it was not so.

Nevertheless a quick audiodrama and a good one.

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