Review: Doctor Who: Smoke and Mirrors (Destiny of the Doctor 5)

Doctor Who: Smoke and Mirrors by Steve Lyons

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I 've now watch the first five stories form Dr Who - Destiny of the Doctor and this one was my least favourite (so far). Well it involves the Fifth Doctor plus three of his companions and they met Harry Houdini. One of my early complains is the lack of interaction between the companions. Apart from one of them the others are cardboard non-existent. Then we've got the Houdini fellow. I never watch the fifth doctor series (but planing to do it) and so it was a little strange but still the conversation between the Doctor and Houdini give me plenty of information of how good friends they are. 

The evil guy on this episode is the Master, one of those characters that have been around since the early 70's (Terror of the Autons) that is strangely enough the series I am beginning to watch. This episode was weak and nothing much happened. It was OK for a Dr Who enthusiastic but not Good. For a person who only watch the new series... don't bother.

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