Review: Doctor Who: Transit of Venus

Doctor Who: Transit of Venus by Jacqueline Rayner
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This tale is told in Ian perspective and is one of those tales that have nothing to show... They want to see the Transit of Venus (go google it) and so they went back in time to the Endouver (a ship) where the Captain was James Cook and the Botanist Joseph Banks. Doctor and Ian became stranded on the ship and Barbara and Susan are on the Tardis trying to get to them. Bear in mind that this episode follows the TV series "The Sensorites" (this is important).

Well as the weeks follow Ian starts hearing things when he is near Joseph Banks, things Banks should not know because they were out of his time like rhymes fom the Ancient Mariner or Australia being a penal colony and so on. As Ian confrontates him, he is seen as crazy even by the doctor.

When finally Barbara and Susan meet them they were worry and as weeks pass and the only thing that made them go on was the history lessons Barbara told Susan. Some of those things were in a way pass to Ian but Ian thought they were being told from the man he thought it was a time traveler. It was all a misunderstanding. In a way it was Ian that told that Joseph Banks that Australia was a good place to be a Penal Colony.

If you have not seen the Sensorites is not mandatory but it will help because in that tale the Doctor is very upset with Barbara and Ian and want to throw them out and as this tale follows right after that TV episode they had to make it fit and still make the Doctor desire to throw them out in the other TV episode that came afterwards The Reign of Terror.

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