Audiobook Review: The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Reilly

Title The Great Zoo of China
Author Matthew Reilly
Year 2014
Stand Alone 
Pages 544
Reading Time 19 to 26 February 2016

Some spoilers ahead... 

I cannot in good honesty give more than two stars. Why you ask?

- First of all, let me say this is not a Jurassic Park makeover - This IS Jurassic Park with Dragons.

Obviously Jurassic Park had some interesting beasts that destroy the zoo and just wanted to be free - in this book happened the same. Why do both authors characterize them as evil? They are not evil. They are animals but okay, let us think as the author the Dragons are more intelligent than our most intelligent animals and so they are capable of good and evil actions - they are even capable of talking. But that isn't the worst. What's the worst?

First of all CJ. She is the main character and she a mix of Lara Croft, 007 and Rambo all in one package but she is even better... damn, she is better than almighty Chuck Norris. To anyone who says she is a strong woman is not being very true... I kid you not. SPOILERS.. When she falls from a ledge she grabs with both their hands but a Chinese military man grabs her legs.... So, as Rambo could do it, she releases one hand and unzipped the coat she had, remove from one arm then the other and the Chinese man fell.... Oh my fvkcing god. With one Hand she was on a ledge with a man grabbing her and she unzipped the coat... HOW UNBELIEVABLE IS THIS?

Then... the dragons fire breath could destroy jeeps, trucks and jets but only heats Hazmat suit???? Okaay.....

She is also perform a surgery with a stick and laces... and made a flamethrower with hairspray and zippo lighter... Yeah? A grenade explodes and kill some Chinese around them but not CJ and her brother... and other irrealistic situations...

This book is ridiculous. It's like watching a action movie, unrealistic one nevertheless...

Oh and of course - the Americans destroyed the zoo because Dragons are evil and they had to kill them all. Yes... 

I've read three books by this author. He is not good and my rating of him is dropping. The characters are all equal (the main character is lara croft, 007, rambo and chuck norris in one person). No matter if it is women and men. 

Persons have flaws Mr Reilly. They are not Perfect. I don't know if I will ever read one more of your books. I really want to like your books but...

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