Review: The Scorch Trials (Second on Maze Runner Trilogy)

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Reading time: 12 to 21 January 2015

Thank Wicked for finishing this book.

My review:
Honestly? What a heck was this book all about? I read it, because, I enjoyed the first and I wanted to know where was Dashner was going with this. Why the Maze? Why the Patterns so important to figure out a cure for the Flare (Crazeness...)? Why the two groups? Why females with one male and vice versa? And so on... There were a lot of questions I wanted sorted out. But, in this book I Got none. This book gave no explanation whatsoever unless you count as an answer "All will be revealed in due time..."

If the third book is going to give some answers, I don't know, I expect them so - probably you will not be needing to read book two. Just go right ahead from the first to the third.

Spoilers Ahead!!!

What happenened here, that was so darn important?
- You've got Brenda and Jose, some people they meet in trials - Cranks
- Also Aris from the other group is now a main character - and a psycher
- Same important characters are alive, like Minho, Newt, Frypan - they didn't died or evolved - just stay there.
- So, after being "saved" in the last book, they are being held in some dormitories, waiting for someone. There, They tell them, that they must travel a desert and so the group of gladers, including Aris and excluding Teresa, travel a desert full of dangerous things and people to arrive to a a safe heaven - fighting cranks, the other all-female group, and arrive to the safe heaven just to be confronted by some mechanical beasts, and leave the premises. In the end of the book they find themselves, yet again, in the same place where they started.

descriptionThis book gave no hindsight, besides stating the obvious that what they are doing is very important for human race and for that they must die. It was also interesting how the writer portrayed so "well" the male leading character. After being betrayed, stabbed, beaten and mocked the main character still goes to Teresa (even if the writer says that Thomas can never trust her again). I think Thomas is a piece of crap of a friend. Minho and Newt never, doubted him, never betrayed him but when they were fighting in the end, Thomas escaped to a pod leaving Newt and Minho alone. So, he hates Teresa, but hides with her nevertheless. You are a crapy friend Thomas, and only think with your male organ...

I also think, the writer tries to give so much suspense to each plot ending with "tan tan" but most of the times are just plain absurd... Sorry.

I probably will be reading the third book, but just for ending this Saga. I don't know where the writer is going with this...

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