Boardgame Arkham Horror - Session 03 - Turn 2 - Ancient One Shudde M'ell

I played for 5 turns.

ML (Marie Lambeau) 
PH (Patrice Hathaway)
JC (Jim Culver)

From the beginning the three companions knew what they need to be done. Jim Culver would need to go back to Dunwich and help there while Marie with her weapon would work out and kill the monsters that were appearing on Arkham. Patrice Hathaway due to her affinity to the occult she was more inclined to seal those Gates opening in several places. 

Marie went to the Silver Twilight Lodge where nothing happen; PH went to univisited isle to collect a clue and lost one sanity but gain another clue and JC had a brillant start winning the Key of Tawil At'umr which first of all grants him the amazing ability of "You cannot be delayed" and if needed I can discard it and came from other world to Arkham or vice-versa.

As the friends begin their perilous adventure 2 gates opened. One at Witch House with a Dark Young and in Unvisited Island with Dimensional Shambler... Of course Patrice was in Unvisited Isle so she was sucked to the Abyss...

The next turn we see Patrice getting her bearings in the Abyss. Marie cast a spell of Curse of Darkness casting Dark Young to the Outskirts. In the Silver Twilight Lodge someone tries to steal her without success. Jim couldn't move because of the Shambler but got a spell.

The next day one of the gates closed unexpectly. Jim got a bank loan, Marie after waiting one day she got the luck of finding a Golden Sword of Yha-Talia giving her a great bonus to attack. The sword must be sentient.

Turn 4
One gate opens in unamable and one mummy appears. So we've got plus the two gates in Dunwich this is getting very upset. Fortunally Patrice sealed a gate. 

You can see in the picture below that Marie turn out a striker with 8 combat check from two weapons, Patrice is a clue magnet and Jim is now at Dunwich but is master of nothing... I really hope he can close a gate. Killing monsters? Don't know but Dunwich is already with token out of three.

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