Monthly Update July 2016 - Movies, Series and Animes

This has been one great week for me in terms of "me time".

Well for starters I'm reading a book (something that I wasn't doing for a while) and after 3 days I am at page 100. Not reading very fast but that's okay. At least I am enjoying the book and the reading time.

Then in movie departament I back down a bit because I was seeing a lot of movies which took most of my time. 24 movies in 30 days. My favourite movies from this period were Coherence, The Witch, The Purge and Oculus. I really despised Shockwave Darkside, Animus: The Tell-Tale Heart

Tv Series
In terms of TV Series I am watching the second season Scream TV Series in episode 8. I am watching as they are being released. I've watch the first episode of Stranger Things, Thunderbolt Fantasy (a mix of fantasy and puppet show with oriental flavour) and Wayward Pines.

I was seeing Containment but stop in episode 3 because I recently discover this series was cancelled but I want to finish it...

I watch the first episode of Slasher and due to it's similiraties with Scream (scream has a comic relief that makes it very unique) I don't know if I am going to watch. Maybe. I also have on stand by Zoo which was a series I watch last year but greatly dissapoint me in the last couple of episodes. Plan to watch as well after this series, The Man in the High Castle, The Expanse (6 eps remaining), Lucifer which I am watching with my Wife, Colony and Braindead. In september it comes out the third season of Z Nation and the second of Ash Vs Evil Dead.

In terms of anime what I have thought would be interesting was watching a single episode of each anime of this season (Summer 2016). The ones I like I watch and the rest I "drop it".

So far I've watch 16 eps. Eleven I've dropped. Only one have really catch my eye. 

- Days a football anime focus more on the character development than the football. To be precise football is there but not the focus of it. My anime list 7.23 Ranked #2557

- Orange is a drama that remind me of Boku Dake (Eraser) about time travel but instead of someone time travel, the main protagonist receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future telling what to change. It's not my alley but I am going to watch it to see if there is more than Drama & Romance. My anime list 7.98 Ranked #543

- Taboo Tatoo is a nice story of martial arts mix with spies. Let us see after the second episode if it still interest me. My anime list  7.23 Ranked #2513

- D Gray-Man Hallow is a story about a post apocalpytic world where corrupted humans turn into demons. There are humans fighting them called Exorcists. I was interested but dissapointed to see this is a kind of sequel.

- Masou Gakuen HxH is a show about boobs. Yeah it's boobs. It's not hentai. Basicaly there are some enimies and girls with big breasts are fighting them. A boy if touches a girl in an erotic way makes her more powerful. There a lot of girls and only one guy. I am envious of him. I hate him. I want to be him! I only watch the show because of the boobs... My anime list 6.36 Ranked #5635

- Ajin - This ones came out in Spring 2016 and it has some different artwork but story is good. I have watch four episodes and it' going slowly.My anime list 7.82 Ranked #799

- Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Another good anime about a eartquake and it focus more on the adversities of the characters... Let us see (this one is a bit old). My anime list 8.20 Ranked #305

What I didn't enjoy so far and why:
- Servamp - A vampire that is a pet of a strange human that sacrificies himself and do everytinh other people don't want to do... My anime List 7.26 Ranked #2446

- New Game! This anime isn't half. A young girl of 18 is starting her first new job as a character designer in videogames. After watching the first episode I saw no reason to watch the second but I think it has some redeeming qualities. My anime List 7.37 Ranked #2071

- Love Live! Sunshine!! one of the three animes focused on music that came out this summer and I Had no interest on neither of them... My anime list 7.69 Ranked #1068

- Amanchu!is another story of a young female coming of age. She likes diving and she meets a school teacher who likes scuba diving and so it begins... My anime list 7.27 Ranked #2390

- Battery is about a guy who likes baseball. I felt no connection to the story or characters. My anime list 6.91 Ranked #3609 

- Cheer Danshi!! is a story around male cheerleading squad of athletics sport. I felt no interest. My anime list 7.21 Ranked #2554 

- Bananya wtf? Sorry.. I can't say more a Cat who lives inside a banana... Each episode is around 3m... My anime list 7.13 Ranked #2878 

- B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious: The second anime focus on music. No interest for me. My anime list 6.63 Ranked #4720 

- Scared Rider Xechs: I honestly can't understand this anime. "The Blue World, which symbolizes reason, is under constant attack by the creatures called the Nightfly O'Note originating from the Red World, symbolizing instinct. Akira Asagi, the 17-year-old protagonist who is a researcher at Blue World, is nominated to lead the war at Ryuukyuu LAG, a proud defense facility on the islands of Ishigaki and Iriomote. She meets the sixth combat unit "IS," which was formed four years after a fierce battle that annihilated the fifth unit. Akari must lead these six riders, also called the Scared Rider Xechs, to fight against the other world while at the same time deepening the relationship among them." It sounds good but it isn't.. My anime list 5.11 Ranked #7395

- Tsukiuta. The Animation is the third movie focus on music. Boring and with no interest whatsoever. My anime list 6.69 Ranked #4576


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