Movie Review: The 5th Wave

I had the audiobook but never had the time to hear it. When the movie came out and it had Chloë Grace Moretz the child wonder (now not a child 'cause she has 19) but I always enjoy her movies. My favorite movie was Kick-Ass. Then with Carrie and Hugo.

I think she will be a top actress. But enough of her. What I was saying was that I love her work so I said well let us see the movie and probably she is the only reason the movie has a rating of only 5.2.

This movie starts with a awesome premise.

The aliens came and the first wave was a EMP. Everything Electronic was dead.
The second Wave was massive earthquakes and all coastal cities were wipe out.
The third wave came with Avian Flu.
The Fourth Wave came with Snipers from the Others (that's how they call them). Snipers?? What? Later on we understand that this are not snipers per se. They are sleeper agents planted years before by the aliens.
And The Fifth Wave - humans. What? Yeah... Let me explain...

We have Cassie living a mundane life and they endure the EMP and Earthquakes. When the Avian Flu hit humanity her mother died while helping other people. The rest of the family went to the woods to refugee camp. After a while the army arrives with cars (I thought the EMP wiped everything off) and takes all children to a army base. Then they try to say to grown''s up that the others can impersonate humans, Children are quite easy to detect but grownups is not (why?). Of course some crazy redneck says he is no Other and everyone starts firing. The Father is shot down. Cassie who had been left behind after trying to retrieve the teddy bear of her brother saw everything.

Ben, Ringer, Evan and Cassie...
She then vows that she will get to her brother (Sam) but she is shot by a slepper agent but Evan saves her.  Meanwhile as she recovers Sam and the rest of the boys and girls including Cassie's boy crush Ben Parish are told that the fifth wave is commencing. Kids are going to be soldiers (WHY??) and then sent to the city with special glasses which give them the possibility to distinguish friend from foe.

Oh, and here it's where this is more YA than something else. Cassie fells in love with Evan and they sleep together.

While in the first attack Ben and rest of squad minus Sam which he lock in the bathroom so he stay behind. While in the city Ringer (A rebellious girl from Ben's squad) takes out something the army gave her to put in the back of her head (they say it was a tracking divice) and she appears to have a bug on her face (the other controlled people by a bug in her face sucking the brain and controlling her actions).

They later realize that anyone without the tracking made the visors they had go "Alien Alert".
Thew went AWOL but Ben returned to the base to rescue Sam. At the same time Cassie arrives at the base and infiltrates it. Of course they bundle up as they are both escaping the aliens which made a awkward moment... Evan also returns and kisses Cassie telling her that he wants to be with her and not the others... oh, didn't I told you? Evan was a sleeper agent who felt in love with Cassie and renounce the Others parentage...

Both Cassie and Ben rescue Sam and escape the base while Evan put bombs on it. Of course the bad guys escape in helicopters with all brainwashed children. The movie ends with Sam and Sam's unit and Cassie talking that they are going to free the other childrens. Evan is not in this gathering...

The end...

Of course not. This is only the first movie of three but with the low ratings and it only gross 34Millions of 38Million Budget. I sincerely don't know if they are going to make a second or third. This movie didn't learn with Hunger Games or Maze Runner or even Divergent. Each story must be self contain and in this case it was not.

There are so many unexplained phenomena like, the fourth wave and the fifth wave. Use children to kill off the rest of humanity? Honestly? Yes... children are gulible but why spend so much effort on training and such? You want to be attack after they realize you are the bad guys right? Oh well, maybe it's explain in the second and third movie.... This is not a good movie. This is not an average movie. This is a little boring Young Adult with some alien/apocalpytic scenary...

At least it has Chloe...

I really hope for better in the second or third movie... if they are going to make it, of course.
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