Movie Review: Kill Command

Kill Command is an action, sci-fi movie made in 2016. The movie is set in a near future where machines have been made to facilitate humankind. Of course, the military is putting their heads on it and are making robots - to help the training of the marines. The movie begins with a group of marines going to an insland, where robots are being tested. A woman - Mills - (Vanessa Kirby) is going with them to evaluate the robots.

Mills is part human, part machine. We later understand that she was parapelegic and she was "made" into a cyborg-alike (it's never fully explain) but now with her mind she can control weapons and the robots. Of course, the marines dispised her because, basicaly she is a walking big brother. 

The marines party are 6 men (I think) but most of them are non-existent as a three dimensional characters. Only Captain Bukes (Thure Lindhardt), Robinson (Bentley Kalu) and Goodwin (Mike Noble) have some interesting participation in this tale.

As the marines start their training they employ some tactics alike striking from upper position, and using smoke bombs and later on they start to realize that the robots are copying their tactics using live ammuntions. After a confrontation Mills tells them that those robots are going to be their replacements but things are happening that shouldn't be.

Mills understand that she cannot command a particular robot and it seems he is the leader of the "rebelious" robots. We later understand  that is a case of artificial inteligence going amok.

The ending leaves us wondering if the rebelious robot pass is consciouos to a unconscious Mills.

Did I enjoy this movie?
It was a fun watch but left wondered about the world they were. The pace of the movie is good but is nothing original. I've seen this scene several times before . It's not high budget but nevertheless the images/special efects are quite good.

Should you seen?
If you enjoy AI or Sci-fi movies go for it. It's better that a Sy-Fy movie but the special effects are not in the calibre of Pacific Rim. Expect a fast forward movie with a lot of fighting scenes and some gruesome killings...

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