Movie Review: The Purge 2013

I've noticed this movie before 2016 but really never try watching it. But I am on a Movie Spree so I try watching both The Purge and it's first sequel. The Third book is not yet avaiable.

This book deals with something that totally interested me. Supposedly, after a wave of unemployment & crime the government  (New Founding Fathers) decree that per one night (From 6PM to 6AM every type of crime would be allowed - there would be no punishement at all.  No rules be
sides two (no level 10 government  could be killed and no weapons higher than level 4 (What does that mean?)

This is a awesome premise. Now at 2020, the crime is almost non-existent and unemployment is at 1%... Methinks if this would work at all BUT it's their premise so lets go with it.

We follow a James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) as he congratulates himself that he has sold much of the top surveillance of his neighborhood. He arrives at home and go to dinner with his young son Charlie (Max Burkholder), teenager daughter Zoey (Adelaide Kane) and wife Mary Sandin (Lena Headey). Then as the 6PM start to approach they lock the house. Basically slabs of metal on the doors and windows.

Oh Yeah. 
They have some cameras and see some of their neighbors roaming the steets killing each other. At the same time, the young son sees a man (Edwin Hodge) bleed on his porch and let him in and his daughters boyfriends says that he wants to talk to her father so he could accept him.

As soon as the boy sees the girlfriends father he start shooting and the man shot back mortally wounding the boy. At the same time the lights go out as they start to hunt for the man inside their house with them.

A man with a mask (Rhys Wakefield) appears on the porch and says that they should give them the homeless pig so they could purge or else they will purge everyone inside the house. 

Afterwards it's a bloodbath inside his house as the mask men and women make their way inside their house.  They are unexpectly saved by their neighbors which in turn say they are going to kill them all because they deslike them since they enrich with their money. 

The film doesn't end as I imagined. More Spoilers ahead.

I would open the door to this guy... he is so friendly..........
Basically after James decided to save the homeless pig (sorry man) he is shot and killed by the man in the mask as the rest of their family is being threated by their neighbours the homeless pig saved them. The movies ends with the 6:00 AM that ends the Purge.

So, what did I Think about it?
This is a good movie to watch, there's no denying that but it felt in some parts bland. First they could have dwell more on the reason of the national day Purge. They could have dwell more on the consequences and the reasons for it. It seem in the end that the Purge is basically a free jail card to anyone who want to commit murder (because he is a psycopath). Most people supported the Purge but they don't go out purging it... Then I know this is set on the dark but the visual expect is lacking there. Some scenes are really poor because of it...
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