Review: Allhallow's Eve - Richard Laymon

Allhallow's Eve Allhallow's Eve by Richard Laymon
My rating: 4 of 10
Reading Time: 26 October 2014 to 01 November 2014

This month was a weak month in terms of reading. With too much work I had little time to read.

This one I had high exceptions since it's a Laymon book and another it was called Allhallow's Eve - so it was in the right time of the year but it sucked.

First, a difference from other Laymon books it's the lack of sex scenes. In this one are only two or three scenes (including rape scenes) but nothing is described like other of his books. Second is the slower pace of the book. There is also a lack of horror scenes and too many characters.

The story is straightforward. Each chapter is dedicated with one of the three characters. Sam, the Cop; Eric the son of Cynthia (Sam's love partner) and Nate a misguided troublemaker.

When I say this book is not as good - look at the plot (some spoilers). So Sam is dating Cynthia and Eric is not pleased. Eric can't understand why his mother couldn't be with his father. His mother says that his father left them because he was a fruit of a one night stand but the true is that Cynthia was raped. So, Sam is dating Cynthia saying that he won't abandoned her as other guys have done in the past. But in the wake of a murder he goes to an hotel and meets a girlie which he can't stop think about. From this moment on he talks to himself that he must honour his pledge of being with Cynthia instead that one hour stand (repeat this thoughts three of four times) So the plot moves on until the night of Halloween and Eric throws a party where some people are trapped inside with a guy in a gorilla costume (spoilers ahead: Eric's Father) and he kills a bunch of people Eric don't like, rape a girl but their plans are thwarted by the unforeseeable heroes (Nate and his pal). The last page we watch a dialogue between Sam and his girlie saying that Eric dying and his mother as well (we don't get to see her being murder; she is already dead before the party and inside a costume). So... How simple is this? The author made pretty simple to him. Deus Ex Machina or what?

Btw... I didn't enjoy that much the book. It was boring. Didn't had no gut feelings Laymon gave to me on previous books. It was too simple. It felt weak.

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