Review: Dark Harvest - Norman Partridge

Dark Harvest Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

This is a small novel (around 100 pages). The premise was something we've seen somewhere in another books but the twists Herr Norman gave made it unique. Halloween is a time of trick or treat - so what better than to chase the Pumpkin monster instead of him chasing you? Every year boys with 16 or 17 year old must try to stop the October Boy (or Ol'Hacksaw Face) reaching from the outskirts of the town to Church, in the center of the Midwestern town. The October boy is only armed with a knife and a nightmarish reputation. Boys give another meaning to the saying "You must confront your fears".

The story itself was told in two of the boys perspectives and interestingly from the October Boy's. I Really enjoy the story behind the monster. What I really didn't understand and maybe it was me - was the reason of why. Why must they capture before midnight? What would happened if they didn't?

The characterization is there - mostly on the October Boy. I really enjoy the setting (1963 - even if it wouldn't change anything if the author told us that it was 1988) and the flow of the tale. It's quite small, so anyone can read it in one sitting or two.

Check the covers. Brilliant.

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