Review: Deadlocked 2 - A R Wise

Deadlocked 2 Deadlocked 2 by A.R. Wise
My rating: 7 of 10 stars

This second story starts right after the first tale. In this tale we follow Laura, David's wife, as she struggles - first to see her husband being eaten alive and second - to safe their two children with the help of Billy.

This tale follows the same directness of the first. Everything moves fast and there is no pause to take a deep breath.

As they travel through the river, with plenty of supplies stolen from a school they meet several people. Again the same thing as before. Not everyone is a nice as they are and best of all - the change that the writer did to Laura throughout 70 pages was quite good. We see Laura change from a mother that depends on her husband to a woman that attacks people that mess with her and her family.

Again the end was quite surprising. Almost the same formula as the first part. Read this two parts and be prepared to a turmoil of feelings. Herr Wise will punch your stomach!

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