Review: Deadlocked - A R Wise

DeadlockedDeadlocked by A.R. Wise
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

First book (novella) that begins with in a Ferrari and ends up with a bang (of that Ferrari). Quick and very interesting but it didn't add anything new to the zombie mythology. It says that this pandemic was caused by someone but only hinted. I bet the next few parts of this series will add more.

So far, interesting main character David. We travel with him, as he tries to find his family and to safe them. In the way he meets some people who try to help him and others who become what we know would happen when society when down. People would become savages, most of them. Have no faith in society my friends. If society falls, humanity will fall. We live in society because we learn that way is easier but we are animals - with rules. I don't say everyone would be an animal but I believe that half would be unreliable. Well... returning to the tale I really enjoy as the story finish with a surprising ending, no doubt about it. The last two or three pages are thoughts given by the writer. Really interesting.

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