Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: The Flames of Cadiz

Doctor Who: The Flames of Cadiz by Marc Platt
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

This story deals yet again on a historic time-travel story. In this case they went to Cadiz in XVI century when Spain was at building their warships to invade England with what we would know as the Great Armada.

Ian tries to a save a house from burning and he is arrested charged by the Holy Inquisition and as a Traitor. He was sentenced to die.

The Doctor dresses himself as a Cardinal from Papal States to try to appease the King and save Ian. After the rescued worked he then escapes with Estaben to thwart the plans of the Spanish Armada.

The Doctor becomes very upset because he is sick of warning them that they shouldnt change history, but Barbara lash out saying that if he was human he would understand that they were in the year before Spanish Invasion and there was a attack on shipyard of Cadiz that delayed the invansion for one year therefore he wasn't changing anything...

This tale deals with something very interesting. In this story the englishmen were going to attack on lisbon but on Ian feedback they attacked Cadiz which really happenened on History, so, it was a future person who change previous history so... it's a loop? Or is that damn question what came before the egg or the chicken?

I really like this notion and what's interesting in all these audiobooks is the continuous fight of the Doctor against his companions about the repurcusions of changing history but it was him that saved Marco Polo because without it he was to be dead even before he went to mongol lands and became known. So...

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