Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: The Forbidden Time

Doctor Who: The Forbidden Time by David Lock
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

So this little story is about Polly and Jamie (and Ben) and the Second Doctor.
It seems everyone in the world heard a voice in their sleep telling everyone they are trespassing in time and so they will be consume of some sorts. We then follow Polly addressing people (probably a conference) that she has a tale to tell about the Doctor.

She then begin to tell them about a time when she was travelling with the Doctor and Jamie (and Ben) and the Tardis collided with something (collided is not the correct term) and force to land in a shadowplace. A place beyond time and space where you can only see the shadows of things. Their a race called the Vists inhabited and wanted to consume everything that trespassed on their own time. AS the Doctor told the party members, the Vist live in a place where time exist but does not exist. We humans follow a single line of time and the Vists treat time as we treat space I think.

This story was quite interesting because it had Polly (ben was almost absent) and she remembered the differences between the old and the new doctor (the first and second doctor). To me, who have seen the tv series about the first and second doctors we really have different views. One is confident and serious the other is fearless but acts clueless and almost reckless in his approach.

I really enjoy this story and the way it was written and recorded. Two in a row. That's new...

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