Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats

Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 2 of 10 stars

This book is not as good as previous audiodramas. First of all I must say is that the Memory Cheats follows Echoes of Grey in some sorts. Zoe is confronted yet again about her time traveling with the doctor. She insist she doesn't know nothing but still the company does not believe her. This one follows an adventure in Ubzekistan 1919 where some people are being adbucted by someone or something. Communist is on the rise and the ideals are there.

The Doctor, with jamie and zoe try to uncover what is happening and soon understand no human could have done it The relevant part of this story is that Zoe is walking recording camera never forgetting nothing but she still does not remember travelling with the Doctor (remember her mind was clean by the Time Lords). In the end we are left with a question. Is anything of that story true or is just made up by Zoe?

It is a 1h tale substandard compare with some others I've heard before. It seems these last few tales are just "I remember a time travelling the doctor..." Nothing is seen as actual adventure... Enfin...

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