Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: The Uncertainty Principle

Doctor Who: The Uncertainty Principle by Simon Guerrier
My rating: 3 of 10 stars

This one is a bit longer than the previous stories and it follows Zoe as she is being interrogated by The Company as they try to make Zoe remember her travelling time with the Doctor (Don't forget that in the original tv series the Time Lords after punishing the Second Doctor remove all memories Zoe and Jamie had of the Doctor).

This Story follows close by "The Memory Cheats","Echoes of Grey" and "Second Chances" which I didn't heard yet. This four stories makes a Quadrilogy (is this the correct word?) of some kind...

This story is nothing interesting, I was a bit lost at some points. The only interesting thing was the story behind the story Zoe was tolding. The Company Zoe was born into. The company that Zoe try to take down. The reason the Company was trying to make Zoe remember her travelling with the Doctor, the relantionship that grew between Zoe and her captors. And in the end... the end of the company and the closure of Zoe life with the doctor.

After hearing this story I think Zoe and Jamie were my favourite Doctor companions so far. Combined they were friends and where was fully action oriented the other was calculist and tactiful. The Doctor even say that Jamie was his favoured companion. You know. I have watch every first and second doctor's episode and then stopped. I really like the First doctor but my favourite companions where undoubtly Zoe and Jamie

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