Review: Evil Sun Rising - Guy Haley

Evil Sun Rising Evil Sun Rising by Guy Haley
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

I had some problems with this book and that affect my overall enjoyment. But by no means its a weak story and I am trying to read the rest of the Sanctus Reach storyline.

This book it's all in the perspective of the Orks and Gretchin. I enjoy Haley's views on the orks and the way he tackled some interesting points like: the knowledge they have, the way ork society works, and some interesting talks between orks.

The book is full of action and it gave some glimpses of how the orks make their warmachines. And at the same time this was also a reason I couldn't enjoy more of the story. Some battles were quick and not that interesting. Because the talks were done in ork perspective sometime I had to re-read so I could understand and that also put me off. Last it was the pace of the story. Sometimes it dragged and sometimes it felt rushed. This open ending also made me think about the marketing BL is employing with all those short stories and novellettes and novellas and whatever of a bigger picture. They make you pay 50€ for all Sanctus Reach stories when you could put it in a 416 paperback book. I really enjoy BL books. I really enjoy the authors but this new marketing focus on ebooks, is going to scare some people way. Maybe not all people didn't figure it out but BL has a cow and they are doing some strange, extraterrestrial, anus thing... and we are the cow.

If you don't believe me, remember SCARS, they printed in short ebooks and it costed more than 30€. It's absurd and revolting...

Shame on you BL. Shame on you for spitting on the face of the people who pay your jobs.

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