Review: The Lost - Jonathan Aycliffe

The Lost The Lost by Jonathan Aycliffe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's more three and half stars but... Review to come.

This is how a Victorian/Gothic horror novel should be written. I try to read some old Victorian novels and most of them are a boring. This one has some of the feeling of that period of time, even if it set just after 1990 in Romania.

The book consists in passages from his journal or letters by Michael Ferraru (Mihai Vlahuta) and from time to time we have some letters of his girlfriend, friends, family and employees.

The story is about a man, around 30, who is trying to open an orphanage in Romania, just after the fall of the communist period they were. The reason of this endevour comes from his mysterious father and grandfather that were romanians. After arriving there he learns that his family were something akin of nobles, before the communism and they had a castle in Transylvania. With the help of a romanian she-lawyer he learns about his heritage. From that moment on we start seeing some changes on Michael as he turns into a romanian noble (I know - it sounds weird) but everything has a reason.

I really enjoy the setting, the pace and the characters.

The tag Horror is almost honorary. This is not horror was we nowadays understand. It's not gore but the changes of Michael and the secret his family have made the book horror-ish. Victorian horror-ish.

Advisable to anyone who wants to read a victorian/gothic horror novel but thinks they are boring as hell. Or anyone who wants to read a fast-paced book with an interesting main character.

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