Review: The Unkindness of Ravens - George Mann

The Unkindness of Ravens The Unkindness of Ravens by George Mann
My rating: 4 of 10 stars

For a book that cost £30 or £40, can't really remember, it was not a good book. Okay it's a limited edition and it has some good characters from the Brazen Minotaurs and Raven Guard but I don't think the story is that good.

The Brazen Minotaurs are battling some Nurgle bastion with severe losses. They must triumph against or else the Rot of Nurgle will infest nearby systems. As they are battling the Raven Guard appear to help them out. If you want, check the Labyrinth of Sorrows that is set within the same system with both these two chapters, a Prequel of some sorts. Not necessary but surely a nice addon.

Well, as I said, this story is straightforward with 125 pages (no illustrations) and not that interesting. Maybe if you are a Raven Guard guy or a completist (don't know if that's a word...) this book is for you...

There is also a audiodrama script with several illustrations. Again, the illustrations are black and white but if you've listen to the audiobook this is not worth it. Again, only for a completist.

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