TV Series: Scream Tv Series. S02E09

So after watching the 9th episode of Scream there are some news...

First: Zoe sent an email to her in Noah computer with Audrey confession and Emma receives it. Zoe says it was not her but the email was hers. Noah believes him and his reward? Sex!

Second: hayley throws a party and meets the killer and kisses it and when she as doing a blowjob it kills her... So was it? Noah is not because he was with Zoe. Kieran? Gustavo? Or Kieran's cousin who was absent from this episode? Gustavo's father?

Third Gustavo also stole a lipstick from the rich girl and the next sketch emma finds on her lockroom a tape and some words with a lipstick or something like that telling her to hear it... I dont buy all the acusations of Gustavo.

Fourth Oh and Piper was friends with Emma new teacher. Friends or something else. It seema they were both in a asylum of some sorts. 

My guess? Still Kieran.

Why? Because when they went to the hospital to see the professor (Emma and Kieran) the Professor freak out after seeing Kieran (could also be Emma - but Emma could not be the Killer because of previous updates...)
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