Monthly Update August 2016 - Movies, Series and Animes

Here we go again in terms of update of how well this last month went for me in term of watching shows and such.


Well, I didn't watch any this month... but....

As I've said it was it was a great month to me... I finish watching Containment; Wayward Pines (Season 2); Scream TV Series (Season 2) and Stranger Things.

All of them are good series. Reviews are above but let me say a couple of things...

  • If you want a Mystery series that will make you wonder who is the killer then Scream is for you BUT you must watch season one or else it will suck big time... 7.5/10
  • If you want a series to watch while you wait for X-Files and you enjoy post apocalyptic scenarios and suspense? Then Wayward Pines - Another series that need watching season one - Overall - season 1 and 2 - I would give an 8/10. But only season 2 I would give 5/10
  •  If you want a medical apocalyptic scenario mix with politics and no pain no gain people then I would watch Containment. The series were cancelled but they are self-contain (no pun intended). I really enjoy it. But there wasn't room for more. Very sad story... 7.5/10
  • If you want a story that takes you back into the 80's sci-fi geeky mix with X-Files Monster-hunter world then Stranger Things is for you. It's awesome. One of my favourite series of my life... 10/10
What I am watching now..
Gorgeous... but that's not the reason I am watching this series... It's awesome... Reality Grip
  • Lucifer (I am watching it with my wife, so it will take a while to finish the season - I really enjoy the black comedy / mystery thing)
  • Thunderbolt Fantasy - I am on the third episode - Enjoying the fantasy china-feel puppeteer show.
  • Zoo (Season 2) - I am watching as the episodes come out so I am now at the tenth episode out of 13.
  • The 100 (Season 1) - I start watching last year but stopped. I will be returning. I am now at episode 8 out of 13.
  • 35-sai no Koukousei (No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35) - Is a japanese drama focusing on bullying and the life of students in Japan. I am hooked with it. It's an excellent show.

After this series I will as they come. I start watching Slasher, Braindead, The Expanse & Colony so I think this will be next. Killjoys & Dark Matter as well.

But there a couple of shows returning in the fall of 2016 like Z Nation which I will pick up as they come out. There are other series I am interested....


In terms of Anime it was also a good month. Of course watching a season of 12 episodes of anime is not the same as TV Series. 

I ended watching Hundred, ReLife, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Ajin, Planetarian: The Dream of Small Star

They are quite different all of them... 
  • Hundred is a futuristic feeling of battle warriors with power armour battling big alien mechas. It's also a Harem with a bit of Romance. Not the best show to watch... 4.5/10
  • Re-Life This is was anime is all about. A slow pacing anime dealing with school life but mix with criticism with japanese society. In a way is very similar to 35-sai no Koukousei - The only difference is that in this case the character is given a pill and his body of 27 now looks like 17. He has many flashbacks of his adult life and compare with the life the students have nowadays. It doesn't focus on bullying (there aren't any on that show) - but nevertheless is a good show. Hoping for a season two 8/10
  • Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - This show is sad. Watching every episode is like having a ninja chopping onions right in front of your eyes. I give 9/10 because of all the feelings it brought to me. But beware, it's slow pace... The first couple of episodes are not that good but the rest? Awesome...
  • KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! - When a person dies, what happens to them? In this case they were given a choice - either go to a fantasy world with all your memories or be re-incarnated in your own world. It's funny, fantasy harem feel (but never being) with nice twists and battles. Really enjoy it. I am hoping for a second season. It doesn't end in a cliffhanger but supposedly this world has a bad guy with a dozen generals and they only defeated a few... I want to learn more about this world.  7.5/10
  • Ajin -Well this is tricky. This anime has a very interesting dark fantasy story but the animation put me so off that I couldn't watch two episodes in a row. But if you want character development and unique story - this is it. There is a season two coming out in the fall 7/10
  • Planetarian: The Dream of Small Star - This is a small anime with only 5 episodes. Each episode had from 10 to 20 minutes. This is set in a apocalyptic world that most humanity have perished. After a long journey a guy arrives and takes shelter in a planetarian where he meets a strange robot. Good story but sad. If you could ask me I would tell you, yeah, watch it in one go - 1 hour of your life. 6/10
What I am going to watch or I am watching
  • Joker Game - An excelent story of spies set in WW2. I am truly enjoying but each episode feels disconneted to a grand plot... I hope I am wrong or this will be a deception...
  • Days - Still watching as the episodes come out. A football anime focus on one character that has a will of iron but not that good. Despise his flaws is hardwork makes other players to train more and be better. I am truly enjoying it.
  • 91 Days - An anime focusing on gangsters but with a Venetian republic feel... Only watch one episode.
  • Dimension W / Handa-Kun / Dimension W / Parasyte (Keseijuu) - The Maxim are the next big four...

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