Review: The Andromeda Strain - Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton
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I had to think for a couple of days to give this book a proper review/rating.

First of all, let me say something. I read some criticism that this book didn't developed any characters. Well my thoughts are the same BUT Michael Crichton in the beginning of the book says that this is a report and every single chapter/day was from a report of some sorts. There are several instances in each chapter that our narrator tells us important details, and say "how wrong they were..." or "If only they had done X instead of Y...". So my opinion is that this book is not focus on the characters, nor try to be focus on them. This book is focus on Science. This book is focus on how the USA operate in a particular event.

I really enjoy the premises and the execution of this novel. It had elements/words that I was not confortable - but I google them and that enrich me. I think that's one of the reasons I read. If they talk about something I don't know or that interest me I go to wikipedia or other similar sites.

It was very interesting knowing that this book was written in the 60's and some things didn't change and others have evolved immensely. Probably most of their clinical tests would be very easy nowadays. Who knows -in fifty years, when there is no more cancer or other plague I will read a book and say the same thing. Well in fifty years I will be eighty. Probably there will be no more paper books and the books are inserted in your mind or something like that. Or in the worst scenario I'll be dead. Eheh

The plot is very interesting, believe me. This book is hard science but also a thriller (mostly in the beginning and in the end) and speaking of end... most people said it was anti-climatic. I Didn't think so. But my first thought was... WHAT? WHY THE HECK THIS HAPPENED? WHY DID I READ THIS? But then... Most emergences either end in total destrution of humankind (we're still here) or We've saved the day - We are the heroes of humankind. Bear in mind that neither of those things happens. And that was the cherry on top of the cake. Good book Michael Crichton.

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