Review: A Maze of Death by Philip K Dick

A Maze of Death A Maze of Death by Philip K. Dick
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

So here we go.
Philip K Dick is an odd duck - to me. I really enjoy the concept of this novel but I didn't enjoy the writing and the parts where a psychadelic experiences of the characters. That put me off, as I said, to me.To other people I bet they would enjoy it... it's no wonder that he won several awards in his lifetime. But reading a book is like that. You might win a nobel prize in it and still half the people who read it deslikes it and add some criticisms.

Some Spoilers
I really enjoy the scenario, the realization of where they were, the virtual scenario ideia - don't forget that this book was written in the seventies, the characters and their motivations and the reasons.

Would I advice this novel to anyone?
Yes, I would. It's short and quickly read. Don't know if it's a masterwork of sff, as gollancz puts it, but it's decent.

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