Book Review: Planet in Peril by John Christopher

Planet in Peril Planet in Peril by John Christopher
My rating: 2 of 10 stars

Review to come... I can't advice to anyone. Sorry. Other Christopher novels I read are a thousand times better than this one... one week of my life to read 159 pages. That's how hard it was to me... painful but I finish...

Second edit:
What can I say about this book? It's worthless in my opinion. I read three more books of the author and nothing compares to it. Maybe it's because this was one of the first he written, I don't know. The book itself doesn't have a good flowing. Things just happened in the backstage. Most of them without the direct influence of the main character.

A cientist is going to substitute another cientist of have dissapear. That scientist is on something that could change the power balance of some nation. With the help of a female scientst he is embroiled into turmoil as A, B and C factions wants to enlist him.

The ending is quite bad as the rest of the plot. I think it was one of the most uninteresting books I had the displeasure to read. And believe me this don't happened very often. Usually I find some redeeming part of a book but this one... meh. I don't want to think anymore of it.

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